watch free twitch tv is an internet site where players broadcast and make massive speeches. This site, which allows any kind of game lovers to easily watch their favorite game, quickly became one of the most clicked websites in the world. What is that people who do not like this job look at with amazement? What do publishers do? What do people expect on this site? We compiled it for you. is an internet site that allows people to broadcast from their computers like television channels.

He spends at least 3-4 hours a day on the next generation Twitch, which is slowly breaking off from television.

The publishers on the site are broadcasting for 6 hours on average, and according to the publishers ‘ awareness 1000-40.They’re reaching a number of 000 spectators.

This number is up to 350,000-1,000,000 when there are game tournaments.

People who watch the broadcast can donate without giving a reason to the person they are watching, and these donations sometimes come out of their way and find hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The average monthly earnings of a famous twitch Publisher are ranging from $ 60,000 to $ 300,000.

Among Turkish publishers, there are over 30,000 winners per month.

Broadcasters read and respond to what they wrote during the broadcast simultaneously.

The quality of the publishers is increasing in proportion to the effectiveness of the people in the conversation.

People can subscribe to their favorite publisher’s channel for $ 5 and watch the broadcast without being affected by the restrictions in chat.

The site is not just playing games. There are publishers who make music, draw pictures, show talk with their own audience. there are also some strange happenings. People get their addresses from the publishers they’ve been tracking and send false notices to the police.These whistleblowers, called swatting, are being raided by Home special forces, often because of major crimes.

Spreading rapidly in Turkey let’s see what kind of weirdness he’s going to show us in the future.

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